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Strengthening communities is essential to building the future for the next generation.

Our mission is to help businesses that provide support for youth retain their energy for their mission, particularly in communities in historically low income, disadvantaged areas and first generation college students. We do this through:


We look for mission-driven founders who have a vision and passion for their product, cause, or initiative that creates change, adds value, or disrupts the status quo while driving equity in the areas of sports, arts, or music in their communities.

Direct financial investments: $100-$3,000

Ownership investment: $1,000 up to $50,000 for organizations or communities that will have significant social or economic impact.

Pro-bono consultation services: Our advisors will assess the business and ensure we can be a resource that adds value to accomplish the mission.

Keyrock Partners logoWe are proud to collaborate with Keyrock Partners as an investment Partner.

Supporting youth sports

Consultation services

A business succeeds with people, products, and processes to drive efficient use of resources. We work with an organization’s leadership team to identify the business’ needs and mission, and determine the requirements to deliver on that mission. We have built models and have tools to help simplify the process and drive the change or vision the founder has for his/her business.

Connecting resources

In order to cultivate the next generation of leaders, we intend to help connect and empower a community of change agents, those that want to go beyond improving existing solutions and focus on fundamentally altering the systems that created the problems to begin with. We will facilitate connections between organizations and resources, and act as an influencer to educate and drive resources to mission-driven organizations.

“Mike genuinely cares about the people and community he serves. His passion to defend what is right is infectious, and it builds a level of loyalty and team commitment that is rare amongst today’s executives.” – Mathew J. Veedon, Partner, KeyRock Partners

Some of our supported organizations

Our work is national, although we focus on our home region of New England.

National Council for Adoption logoNCFA Parent Recruitment and Retainment Project: The revolving door of recruiting & educating new foster parents puts a strain on states, and this longitudinal study seeks to better understand barriers in policy and programming that may contribute to unsuccessful outcomes. This study, financially supported by Ask Inside, has immense potential to change the landscape of our nation’s foster care system.

SmashAdz logoSmashAdz: A sports advertising Tech and sales company whose technology makes it easy for businesses to connect with local sports venues. SmashAdz will create the bridge that connects businesses to local sports venues and help sustain Youth Sports.
The Base logo The Base: The BASE model plays a key role in shifting the national mindset and re-imagining pathways to success. The BASE operates a premier national urban youth training academy which combines sports and academic opportunities with a methodology that cultivates excellence, belief and love.
HomeField4Champions:HomeField4Champions: A new non-profit organization in LA County, California designed to provide access, support, and knowledge for underserved communities through baseball and sports.
Portland Maine Stage Studio Series: Not Always Happy, a stage production and a humorous play/story about raising a child with Down Syndrome.

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“Mike’s big and giving heart sees through a telescope yet he executes with the detailed focus of a microscope. He is one of the most unique leaders I’ve ever met, in both skill set and generous priorities.” – Greg Moore, Head Coach, California State University